Deebot Social Media Series – Popcorn


Ecovacs approached Relay again to create a video series for the Deebot Robot Vacuum for the international markets. Not just to promote the Deebot, but also to promote the Ecovacs brand in general.

Ecovacs Website 

What Relay Did

Ecovacs briefed Relay to create three videos based on the theme “Do more of what you love”, showing that Ecovacs saves you time each day to do more of what you actually want to do. We produced 3 funny scenarios where the Deebot saves the day.

Results / ROI

Over 1.5 million views on social media platforms, becoming Ecovacs most successful video series. Through projects like this, Ecovacs solidified their status as one of the top robot vacuum companies in Europe and North America, with strong Christmas season sales.