Galaxy Zega Product Launch Film


SmartX briefed Relay to create a video for their line of gamifying robot to launch their brand internationally in the US market.

SmartX Website 

What Relay Did

To redefine the experience of playing together, Relay created a video that powerfully integrate the best of mobile games and physical toys. We first introduced two young boys, first, battling against each other, then later, different players, mom and dad, to showcase Galaxy Zega as a game that connects players of all ages. Using VFX and motion graphics, we showcased diversified battle attack, speed, defense and versatility and introduced emotions created by this one-of-a-kind face-to-face game.

Results / ROI

SmartX used this film for their online and social media platforms and is leveraging this film in press materials ahead of global product launches and trade show. SmartX used this film to launch the product in Apple Stores around Asia and the United States, with distribution plans to launch in additional global markets in 2017.