Ticwatch 2 Crowdfunding Film

Chumenwenwen / Mobvoi

Relay was briefed by Mobvoi to create a launch film for the Ticwatch 2 – a smart AI wearable product originating from Beijing, China.


Client Website 

What Relay Did

Mobvoi wanted to launch their product in the US market – using Kickstarter, which is the best-known crowdfunding platform in the US. We decided the best way to create this film was by actually shooting the film in the United States – and finding local on-camera talent to explain the great features of the product and why it’s a perfect fit for US consumers. Sometimes it is difficult for Chinese companies to build trust and establish their brand in the United States – but through this film, Relay was able to help introduce US consumers to the Ticwatch 2 in an inviting, engaging way.

Results / ROI

After launching the film, the Ticwatch 2 campaign raised over 2 million US dollars on Kickstarter – making it one of the most successful campaigns ever originating from China.

Beyond the success of the campaign itself, Ticwatch achieved a huge amount of PR buzz and publicity through their campaign, with coverage on TechCrunch, Endadget, and The Verge.