Vinci Smart Hearable Crowdfunding Film


For Inspero, it was important that its first entrance into a Western audience would be a success. The company tapped Relay to create a video, corporate messaging and its Kickstarter page in order to make that all-important first introduction.


Company Website 

What Relay Did

In creating Inspero’s first English-language corporate and product messaging, the company needed powerful messages that would rise above the competition in the noisy wearables market. Relay focused on the company’s vision to reimagine the traditional world of headphones, while simultaneously bringing clarity and user value to the company’s product features.

Results / ROI

Within eight hours of launching their project on Kickstarter, Inspero's project was 300% funded. The company quickly received a huge amount of buzz on tech and mainstream media, including Cnet, Engadget, Ubergizmo, Forbes and USA Today.