Zmer One Crowdfunding Film


Relay was briefed by ZMER, a smart hardware company from Beijing, China, to create a film to launch their product on Jingdong’s crowdfunding platform.

Jingdong Crowdfunding 

What Relay Did

ZMER wanted to create a premium piece of video content to launch their ZMER ONE product – which is a 360˚ video camera – by showing their product being showcased in beautiful natural environments, and being used by international acting talent. Therefore, we shot this film in Australia – which allowed us to capture beautiful footage of a variety of sporting scenarios – including surfing, skateboarding, indoor skydiving, and other outdoor sports. Although the final usage of this film was for use in China, capturing this footage internationally allowed us to achieve a visual standard that would have been impossible shooting in mainland China

Results / ROI

Relay worked with ZMER to launch their film on Jingdong crowdfunding. Through this crowdfunding campaign, ZMER was able to raise 6,250,159 RMB – which was equivalent to 1250% of their original crowdfunding goal!